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The garbage truck has finally arrived in Bergen and we are extremely excited to invite you all to the third addition of the Trashfilmfest! Prepare for a weekend filled with movies that will make you laugh, cringe, gasp out of pure shock, feel embarrassed for everyone involved and just straight up look away! We have something for everyone, from the lover of trash film, to the more casual viewer that just wants to have a good time! We will open the festival with THE FIRST action film from Uganda, Who Killed Captain Alex?, and after that we invite you all to Utpå bar to enjoy some refreshments and a quiz! We also have a short film set right below your feet (if you are in Bergen at least while reading this!), which is Septichexen directed by Anders Elsrud Hultgreen, who also directed Hospital Dumpster Divers that was shown during the first edition of Trashfilmfest! Of course we have filled the program with a lot more films, and we can certainly promise you a good time! Kidnap a couple of friends and enjoy this monstrosity of a festival together!